Reservations aren’t essential but are highly recommended, particularly on weekends, public holidays and during school holidays.  If you are planning on coming with a large group at any time we recommend making a booking.  You can RESERVE A TABLE  via our website.

Yes, you can reserve a table for up to 8 people online.

If your group is larger than 8 people please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make the booking for you.


We are an outdoor venue and as such all our tables are outside.


Our balcony dining area, although outside, is covered and has clears which we can lower in the event of wind/rain.  We also offer heating in the cooler months.  Our balcony tables seat a maximum of 4 people.  No pets are permitted on the balcony due to its proximity to our kitchen.  It is also not suitable for high chairs or prams due to the limited space.


Most of our tables (and the only tables suitable for 5+ guests) are located outside on our lower waterfront deck.  These tables have market umbrellas which provide some shade but there is no guaranteed protection from the elements such as wind and rain.

If you have requested a table on the lower deck, or have a table of more than 4 people, please note that it is unlikely that we will be able to relocate your booking to the sheltered balcony dining area in case of rain/wind, particularly on our busy days.

Please bear this in mind when making your booking and give consideration to the weather and how it may impact your dining experience at our outdoor venue.

If you have any questions or concerns please call the Kiosk to speak to one of our staff before making your booking.

Yes.  Most of our menu items can be packaged for take away.  Please note, however, that take away orders are not prioritised over dine in orders.  If you are ordering take away there may be long wait times during peak periods.  There may also be times when we are too busy to offer take away from our main menu and will only be able to offer sweet treats and/or coffees for take away.

Phone Orders – If you wish to order take away over the phone please check our menu online before calling – 9456 3024.  Payment will be required in full over the phone at time of ordering.  Our phone-ahead service may not be available during peak periods.

You can take away alcohol and any other items sold in our General Store.

Absolutely.  If your group is larger than 8 people please give us a call or send us an email and we’ll make the booking for you.

No, we are no longer a BYO venue.  Please see our wine and beer lists in our main menu.

No.  We are open 8am – 4pm (kitchen closes at 3.30pm).

For dinner in Cottage Point we can highly recommend our friends at Cottage Point Inn.

Yes we do. You can even request one when booking online.

Absolutely!  We just ask that your pets remain on a lead on the lower deck at all times.  For health reasons they are not permitted on the Kiosk balcony or in the Kiosk building.  Please let us know if you’re bringing your pet when you book a table online, then we can seat you accordingly.

Unfortunately due to the sloped waterfront landscape of Cottage Point we don’t have ideal access for mobility impaired customers and we don’t have wheel chair access.  There are a lot of stairs from the street down to the waterfront which for some is an adventure, but for others it can be quite challenging.  Please don’t let that put you off visiting our venue, just give us a call with your concerns and our friendly crew will do what they can to assist.

No outside food is to be consumed on our premises.

If you wish to bring your own cake for a special occasion a $2pp fee applies.  You can pre-order one of our speciality cakes for your occasion.  Please contact us in advance for details.

If you are hiring a boat or kayak and heading out on the water you may bring food from home for your adventure but it may not be consumed on the premises.

boat & kayak hire

We have a range of boats and kayaks available for hire.  You can see the details and prices of each of the vessels on our website – click here for more information.

No, none of our boats require a boat licence.

The passengers can be any age but the driver must be 18+ years.  The principal driver must also be able to swim.

Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket at all times..

No experience is needed.  One of our staff will brief you on the day so that you are comfortable before you head out.

The principal driver must be able to swim.

The passengers can be any age but the driver must be 18+ years. Children 12 and under must wear a life jacket.

Yes.  Online bookings are essential, especially during peak periods such as school holidays and public holidays.

We have a minimum of 2 hours per booking.  2 hours might be enough for cruising around, however, if you have a particular destination or experience in mind we recommend 3+ hours.

Beaching the boats, which refers to landing them on the sand, is forbidden. Although some boats in our fleet were once allowed to go on the sand, this is no longer the case.

If conditions are favourable, the Kiosk Attendant may, at their discretion on the day of hire, allow you to anchor the boat near the beach. If permitted, the briefing will include a demonstration of the proper anchoring procedures.

No.  All vessels must be back at the Kiosk by 4pm each day.  

No.  For safety reasons hot cooking appliances and/or equipment is strictly prohibited, even if your intention is to use the equipment ashore.  Please consider this when planning your day.

No.  Our dock is exclusively for launching our rental kayaks.

If you wish to launch a personal kayak, we recommend the public boat ramp at Akuna Bay or the public boat ramp at Apple Tree Bay.

No towing of any vessel and/or watercraft is permitted.

Our largest boat seats 8 people, however multiple boats can be booked under the same name to accommodate larger groups

No. Only individuals briefed and departing on a vessel from the Kiosk are permitted as passengers for the entire rental period. No additional individuals are allowed to join the vessel at any point, and passenger swapping is not permitted during the rental duration, whether at our base or elsewhere.

No, the rental of a vessel is limited to a single departure and return, and multiple trips are not allowed. Swapping passengers during the rental period is prohibited.

If you have a large group, it’s necessary to book a sufficient number of boats to accommodate each individual in your party.

No. Our boats and kayaks are not authorised to dock at residential jetties or public wharves. Passengers are strictly prohibited from boarding, disembarking, or tying our boats/kayaks to such locations, except in emergency situations. All boat/kayak passengers must embark and disembark exclusively at our base at Cottage Point Kiosk and follow the required check-in and briefing procedures.

Yes, there is no minimum age for boating.  Please let us know at time of booking if you require a jacket for an infant or toddler.

Age Conditions for the kayaks:


  • The minimum age of the eldest kayaker  is 16+ years.
  • The youngest must be 8+ years.


  • The minimum age is 16+ years.


Yes, you can bring your dog on the boat however they are not permitted to go swimming or ashore in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park.  For more information please refer to the NPWS Website.

  • Identification eg drivers licence
  • Payment for the hire fee and the bond (cash or card)
  • A charged mobile phone

You may also consider bringing:

  • sunscreen and a hat or wet weather jacket depending on the weather
  • fishing gear if you have booked a boat for fishing
  • change of clothes if you are kayaking

No, but we do have some basic fishing gear for sale including hand reels, hooks and bait.

We use Willy Weather to check the tides for Cottage Point.  Click here for current and forecast tide times specific to our waterway.

We don’t have a change room or showering facilities.

You can get changed in our toilets if you wish.

kiosk mooring & dock

Yes, we have one courtesy mooring for our customers.  It’s located near the end of our dock and is a white tyre with a yellow buoy attached. The mooring can take a maximum 50ft boat in calm conditions and a maximum 40ft boat in windy conditions.

There is a 2 hour limit on use of the mooring.

No, the mooring is available on a first come, first served basis.

There are two public moorings located near the Public Wharf at Cottage Point which is a short tender ride away.  You can also call the Kuring-gai Motor Yacht Club (located next door to the Kiosk) to enquire about availability of casual berths – 9456 3538 (fees may apply).

No.  You’ll need to tender in yourselves but you can leave your tender on our dock whilst you’re at the Kiosk.

The mooring is strictly for our customers only.  The boat operator must remain at the Kiosk whilst the boat is on the mooring, keep close supervision of the boat at all times and respect the 2 hour limit.

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have rented a houseboat from a charter company the Kiosk mooring and surrounding mooring area is in your exclusion zone and you may not use our mooring.  Please contact your houseboat operator for clarification on these limitations and for more information on where you can safely moor your vessel.

Yes, we have small private dock at the Kiosk for our customers coming by boat.  It is suitable for day boats and tenders up to 6 meters long.  If your boat is larger than 6 metres please call the Kiosk in advance to see if we can accommodate your needs.

There is a 2 hour limit on visitors using the dock.

We don’t take bookings for the dock.  Dock space is available on a first come, first served basis.

No, you must be on-site to supervise your boat at all times.

No, but you can fish at Cottage Point Public Wharf which is located nearby.

Another nearly popular fishing spot is Illawong Bay located in Kuring-gai Chase National Park.

No but you can launch your kayak at Cottage Point Public Wharf.  Other nearby locations popular for launching kayaks are Akuna Bay and Apple Tree Bay Public Boat Ramps.

If you and your guests are customers and have made a purchase at the time of the pick up/drop off, yes, you may use our dock.  If not, please use Cottage Point Public Wharf.  If you are seen to be using our wharf for pickups and drop offs only and are not customers of the Kiosk you may be asked to leave.  It is a private facility exclusively for the use of our customers.

Maneuvering and berthing of the vessels in our hire fleet take priority over all other vessels.  The Kiosk attendant may move your boat or ask you to move your boat to ensure safe departures and arrivals of our boats and kayaks.

services for the boating community

No, we don’t but you can get boat fuel at Kuring-gai Motor Yacht Club located next door – 9456 3538.

We can take your rubbish for $15 per bag.  This charge covers the cost of handling of your rubbish and collection by a private waste contractor.  Please speak to the attendant at the Kiosk if you wish to use this service.

There are no public waste disposal services in Cottage Point as the council does not service this area.  If you’d prefer not to leave your rubbish with us, please respect the environment and take your rubbish home with you.

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